Premières lignes #3 – Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death

12 mars 2018 4 Par Bidib

Chaque semaine, Ma lecturothèque nous invite à partager les premières lignes de nos lectures. Aujourd’hui je vous propose les premières lignes du tome 1 d’Agatha Raisin que j’ai commencé ce weekend à l’occasion du Marathon de lecture British Mysteries .

Couverture Agatha Raisin and the first two tantalising casesMrs AgathaRaisin sat behind her newly cleared desk in her office in south Molton Street in Mayfair. From the outer office came the hum voices and the clink of glasses as the staff prepared to say farewell to her.

For Agatha was taking early retirement. She had built up the public relations firm over long hard years of work. She had come a long way fromher working-class background in Birmingham. She had survived an unfortunate marriage and had come out of it, separeted and battered in spirit, but determinated to succeed in life. All her business efforts were to one end, the realization of a dream – a cottage in the Costwolds.